Why You Need to Install Deer Fencing

Why You Need to Install Deer Fencing

Why You Need to Install Deer Fencing

Believe it or not, deer are responsible for millions of dollars in damage to valuable agricultural crops across Canada and the United States each year. In order to minimize this damage, farmers and other property owners install deer wire fencing so that these valuables remain protected.

Deer fencing is a valuable piece of agriculture equipment suitable to many applications both on and off of farms. It can be used to protect crops, gardens, vineyards and more. At Edge Wholesale, we supply farmers and other customers with deer fencing so that they can effectively protect their crops and other valuables from deer. Learn about why you need to install deer fencing, what it is and how it works below.

What is deer fencing and how does it work?

Simply put, deer fencing is a type of fence used specifically to prevent deer from entering an enclosed area. Farmers use deer fencing to protect their crops from getting damaged by deer looking for a fast, easy meal. Vineyard operators also use deer fencing to prevent deer from eating away at grapes and other plants. A deer fence is often required because regular fences are not effective at preventing deer from entering protected areas.

Some deer are capable of jumping up to eight feet in the air which unfortunately is higher than most fences. This is why, in many cases, a specialized type of fence is required. A deer fence is designed using strong, sturdy materials and is installed at a greater height than most traditional fences.

What are the benefits of deer fencing?

There are many benefits to installing a deer fence. Not only is deer fencing durable and long-lasting, it is highly effective at protecting valuables from deer and other unwanted species. When comparing the cost deer fencing with the cost of lost crops and other valuables, it quickly becomes clear that deer fencing is one of the most cost-effective applications that can installed on an outdoor property.

In addition to our deer fencing, we carry other farm fencing products including the following:

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Barbless double strand fencing
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Stucco/chicken wire fencing
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